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An increasingly common insult at my school. Originally started when a boy, who is known to have webbed feet, got defensive when someone said to him during a playful argument "Yeah, well you got webbed feet!" After thinking for a few seconds, his retaliation was "Yeah, well you've got a webbed clitoris!" The insult is actually very weak and doesn't actually mean anything in this context, but if you wish to start saying to people "you've got a webbed clitoris" just to see the confused look on their face, there isn't anything stopping you!
Female teen: Ya mum's fatter than those twins riding motorbikes!
Boy with webbed feet: Yeah well YOUR mum's so ugly when she applied to the circus, the freaks blew chunks!"
Female teen: Yeah, well you got webbed feet! FACT!"
Boy with webbed feet: Yeah, well you got a webbed clitoris!
Female teen: *gives boy awkward look* er...what?
Boy with webbed feet: OWNED.
by Butt o'secks March 23, 2008

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