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A friend who does not participate in the underground culture of rollerblading.

The word was derived from all of the underground music, such as Anticon, associated with the rollerblading world compared to the many mindless musicians and bands like 50 Cent, Coldplay, and The All-American Rejects whom the average friend gobbles up, never realizing the intellectual greatness of the underground.

This mirrors the world of rollerblading because of the lack of common knowledge most people have of it.
Rollerblader 1: Yo dawg, you wanna roll today?
Rollerblader 2: Naw man, I'm hangin' with mainstream friends.

Rollerblader: Could you name one pro rollerblader?
Mainstream Friend: No.
Rollerblader: That's what I thought.
by Bus Pass Ninja January 07, 2006

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