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Back in the day, agricultural implements were a fashion statement. With this in mind, a "fat ho" is just a stylin' hoe that all your neighboring farm buddies down the road wish they had.
"Yo, balla, that fat ho is tight. When you done wit it, whyon't you hook me up? I got my radish garden to tend to, 'g'.
by Burt Thunderskivvy September 12, 2006
When you're rude to a waitress, 'facecheck' is what she does to you in return. Rather than fold your check and gently place it on the table, she instead removes a pin from her hair and proceeds to embed the check to your forhead.
"Oh no you didn't, woman! Aint no $5.15-an-hour waitress-hag gonna facecheck me on my dime!
by Burt Thunderskivvy September 12, 2006

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