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A networked device (range of networked devices or subnet), eg a computer, that is placed outside a firewall or other security measures on a network.

The most common reason for a machine being placed in the DMZ is to allow it to run internet services such as a web server or multiplayer game server without impeeding on the rest of the network's security.

The machine may be defined as in the DMZ by a router, or firewall, or may be physically connected in such a way that it is not affected by the activities of a firewall or other security device.

The term DMZ is derrived from the political/miliary term DMZ, meaning Demilitarized Zone (See another definition).
1) It keeps coming up with a server not found error, try putting it in the DMZ.

2) Nuu~ yew hax0r, u'll hax my b0xorz!

1) WTF did you just say? o_O;
by BunnyDowell~!! August 03, 2006

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