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3 definitions by BulletProofOne

The act of texting someone and having to wait 10+ minutes or several hours for a reply or having to send again in hopes of a reply. This can also be used by people who are attempting to ignore you or are to busy to talk, commonly used by the forgetful people or someone who is txting inept
Julian: hay what are you doing later? (6:39pm)
Vinnie: ummm nothing bro wanna hang in a few minutes? (6:40pm)
Julian: Alright cool were u wanna meet? (6:41pm)
Julian: Dude?.... (6:59pm)
Vinnie: hay what's up? (8:01pm)
Julian: your a snorlax texter (8:02pm)
by BulletProofOne January 31, 2010
when someone has made a facebook or myspace twitter or skype for no reason. this profile is easily identified by the few friends no pictures and not too much information. on facebook it will tell you that the profile is incomplete. can also be identified by no recent posts if any or long period of inactivity.
person 1: wow mark has 1 picture no info and 3 friend besides me and he does not even have a post!!!
Person 2: ya hes been offline for 29 days too and has 3 profile views
person 1: typical dead profile.
by BulletProofOne January 31, 2010
the guy who everyone knows sells pot but is yet to be caught. He may possibly be your dealer, mostly likely grows his own stuff or has a large supply, often cheap sometimes medical
usually dosent smoke his own stuff.
person1: so who are we looking for?
person2: my Dr. Greenthumb
person1: oh that dude that stands in the ally by safeway with the afro and trench coat and box of lighters?

cop1:that guy in the hoodie over there is a Dr. Greenthumb
cop2: i know but he never has any on him or at his house.
by BulletProofOne July 19, 2010