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to take a seat; to squat down; to hover over the ground to piss or shit
Lemme pop a squat on this couch.
I'ma pop a squat so I can enjoy this view.
I'm gonna go pop a squat on the other side of the boulder.
by Bug Eatin Steve February 23, 2011
n. short for "soda-pop" non-region specific slang used by people from Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Washington (Eastern Pennsylvania does NOT say pop unless they immigrated to the area from somewhere else)
n. HORRIBLE NON-MUSIC, music that might only have at the most an instrument which is usually played by a white guy on stage but usually a black guy in the studio
n. the sound you want to hear the pop musician's head to make when you see them on tv
You got any pop?

Wanna go to this pop concert with me?
by Bug Eatin Steve February 23, 2011
a pretentious asshole who believes the people "beneath" them are the problems with the world when they themselves are in fact are the worst scum of the days
that cocksack needs to be beaten horrifically until he/she gets a taste of reality
by Bug Eatin Steve October 01, 2010
a woman who is so slutty and nasty that it makes you try to say skank and gag at the same time.
skag often referring to women who have taken part in on the receiving end of a gang bang and their lips are now feeling-less heap of flesh dangling from the pubic area and makes you want to set up scenes behind and act out a play as the roast beef curtains come up. a woman who has single handedly spread herpes around to every guy in a party within the first hour she is there. the chick you and your friends fucked on the band, football, ski club or cheer leading bus your freshman year of high school
by Bug Eatin Steve September 23, 2010

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