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2 definitions by Buddhist Monkey

An external hard drive that you connect to your computer by USB for extra memory or backup purposes; As opposed to a floppy or a flippy.
"That file is too big to fit on a flippy; you'll need a frumpE."
by Buddhist Monkey May 19, 2007
An easy and logical name for the portable data storage device that has replaced the floppy in recent years.
Also known as a "USB flash drive" or "memory stick".

Related word:
See also frumpE
"Don't worry about a floppy, I brought my flippy!"
"The file is too big to send as an email attachment, but if there's a flippy handy I can flipp' it to you!"
"You won't need a frumpE, it should fit on your flippy."
by Buddhist Monkey May 01, 2007