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1. A girl from the southern US. Usually of lower education. They range from hot to completely inbred. They all think they look better than they really are. (Usually attracted to Hey Man's)

2. A common greeting used by the south Georgia Hey Yall.
1. I'm tired of those Hey Ya'lls at Mellow Mushroom acting like cunts.

2. "Hey Yall" I'm gonna be a cock tease all night, get as many free drinks as i can, and not give it up.
by Buckey's Rules April 03, 2007
Closely related to the south Georgia Hey Yall. A Hey Man is a southern college age (18-35 this is Georgia) male. The typical Hey Man will be found with a Bo Duke hair cut, pink shirt, and a camouflaged UGA hat. A Hey Man usually has long sideburns, and is generally a complete douche bag. Most drive lifted trucks or wish they did but cant afford them. Typical drink of a Hey Man is Bud light. For some unknown reason Hey Yalls are uncontrollably attracted to Hey Man's.
1.Im gonna buy a a UGA hat to fit in with all these HEY MAN'S. Then trick these HEY YALLS into sleeping with me.

2. Holy shit look at Luke's sideburns he is such a HEY MAN.(Airborne HUA)
by Buckey's Rules April 03, 2007

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