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A very boring little village too small to be a city surrounded by nothing but farm fields, a flashing light, and a bar. Where children drive tractors to school, and adults snowmobiles to the bar. Home to farmers and "Galien Girls"
I'm bored, Let's run over to Galien and tip some cows!
#boring #tractor #lame #galien girls #michigan
by BuckTOwn Rox July 23, 2011
Galien Girls are natives of Galien, MI. No other place on Earth do blonde girls seem to be very intelligent in comparison. Farm girls who have no idea how to use any kind of electronic equipment. They are fun loving naive girls. Everyone loves a Galien Girl, even if only for comic relief.
"I'm not sure how those Galien Girls have enough brain cells to keep themselves alive. Anything over breathe in, breathe out and they get confused!"
#galien #michigan #crazy #airhead #not smart
by BuckTOwn Rox July 23, 2011
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