3 definitions by BubblegumPop!

Someone who thinks too highly of themselves, they are arrogant and usually jerks to everyone else because they are below them. In the supermarket of the world they are the cereal that is too expensive, get's soggy too fast and tastes horrible. they are not worth the price you pay too hang out with them, or in the supermarket, eat them.
Jonathan is just overpriced cereal, don't bother with him.
by BubblegumPop! October 26, 2010
An overly flamboyant gay guy or an extemely girly girl. They tend to wear bright clothes and be very outgoing and loud.
God Nancy, you are such a pop tart.
by BubblegumPop! October 26, 2010
A girl who is ditzy or an airhead and thinks about nothing but shopping and boys. Equivalent of a "plastic", "valley girl" or "dumb blonde".
Nancy is such a blip, I mean all she ever thinks about is shopping and boys.
by BubblegumPop! October 25, 2010

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