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It is like when you screw the pooch. Only if the pooch was much younger and you screwed up way worse.
Damnit, Jon! You blew it on your interview. You are really puppy fucked now!
by btank May 05, 2015
A word adopted by rappers abroad, originally only used by the gays.
But is actually a word used to connotate the homosexual nature of something or someone, or to do something homosexual.

Unfortunately Rapper V.I.C. did not get the memo and refers to everything as "Gay" in all of his raps and encourages people to "Get Gay"
Gangsta 1:Yo Yo Yo son, lets go get silly at the club!

Lil Wayne : Hell ya, if by silly you mean gay sex. Gay sex is so silly, teehee!

Ex 2
Gangsta 1 : Shiet maen, my wrist so silly.

Guy: Hell ya its incredibly gay you put out a loan for a watch.
by Btank July 18, 2008

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