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5 definitions by Bryon Tucker

Big bugged-out eyes like that chick who purposefully disappeared before she was supposed to get married.
Check out that chick with the run-away bride-eyes. Her eyeballs look like they are popping out her head. Two words: d-caff...
by Bryon Tucker December 17, 2007
Having large muscles on the upper-body but tiny little legs. There are no leg machines/equipment in prison, so convicts tend to have dis-proportionately small legs compared to huge arms and chest.
This is a term used in gyms.
Check out home dude over there with the prison look. It wouldn't hurt if he did some calf-raises.
by Bryon Tucker January 12, 2008
Long/large surf board for big waves.
What kind of stick (surfboard) are you bringin' with you?
Answer: I'm bringin' the elephant gun.
by Bryon Tucker December 10, 2007
Very small wave. A wave smaller that 2 feet.
Waves suck today...nutin' but ankle slappers.
by Bryon Tucker December 10, 2007
A large surf board. Long Board,
Waves are kinda small today...going to bring out the rhino chaser.
by Bryon Tucker December 10, 2007