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2 definitions by Bruce Reyes-Chow

A neighborhood district in San Francsico, CA. This district contains such attractions as: AT&T Ballpark, Uiversity of California SF, Mission Bay, Mission Bay Community Church, Delancey Street Restaurant, Brickhouse Cafe and more. The area is a classic gentrified urban area. The Muni inbound is the J "Mission Bay."
Let's go watch the SF Giants play at AT&T Park in the Mission Bay District.
by Bruce Reyes-Chow November 16, 2006
8 6
When a husband and wife, domestic partners, etc. are both committed users and owners of Apple Macintosh computers.
After Bruce bought his new Apple MacBook Pro, he and his wife, Robin, who has always owned a Mac, were now joined in blissfull MACrimony,
by Bruce Reyes-Chow November 15, 2006
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