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that's where I be, that's where I stay, that's who I rolls wit.....that's Woodbridge 703 Virgina.....don't trip
Where ya from playa?

Oh you know dat 703 Hoodbridge VA!
by Bruce Da Truth August 17, 2006
defined as an extremely attractive female minor, under the age of 18
"Dude look at that girl over there......she's gotta be like 15 though......Sweet-Statutory!"
by Bruce Da Truth July 14, 2006
noun: refers to a woman's chest to be used to rest on; breast-pillows (brillows)
Hey babe can I lay my head on your brillows?
by Bruce Da Truth August 17, 2006
also refered to as "chicken head", one that is very fluid with the neck, bobble action used when either showing emotion to coincide with verbal assault or oral pleasure, visually identical to a "bobble head" doll
My girlfriends are bunch of bobble-necks....all they do is talk shit about men all day.


I hooked up with this bobble neck last night...the way she moved her head....she really knew how to duck sick.
by Bruce Da Truth August 08, 2006
better known as herpes, allegedly a few celebs may have or may not have contracted herpes from interaction directly or indirectly with Derek Jeter

Namely; Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel and Mariah Carey
Ewww dude you can't mess with her. I heard she's got the Jeter Fever
by Bruce Da Truth August 22, 2007
a person to have casual sex with
I don't need a girlfriend. What I need is a no strings attached arrangement. What I need is a cut bud.
by Bruce Da Truth August 22, 2007
A fat chick or fat dude, visual reference to the potatoe bug, that rolls itself into a ball when touched/attacked
Shut up fat fuck....rollie pollie looking mua fucka!
by Bruce Da Truth August 08, 2006

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