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A style of ghostriding where a ghostrider gets on the hood of his scraper (without a hood ornament) and holds a certain position. This position is looked upon as a hood ornament that the rider would want on his scraper. The positions can range from the classic Rolls Royce logo to school mascots to important figures in the rider's area. This style is a product of the CC Hyphy Movement.
while ghostriding
Yo man clear out the hood, Brown Magic 'bout to cise a hood ornament.

observing a ghost ride
Look at them, they doin' hood ornaments.
by Brown Magic April 08, 2007
Bullet proof windows.
This slang term was coined by Brown Magic, the self procclaimed King of Slang of the CC Hyphy Movement. It originated from the fact that armor plated or bullet proof windows fog up easily, giving them the appearance of having a thick "icy" tint.
"29's on the slab, scraper sparks like flint
Haters can't hit me behind the ice man tint"
- A-Wall
by Brown Magic March 23, 2007
Someone who is going to be killed. It originates from the fact that a person who is going to be killed and a Kit-Kat chocolate bar are both about to be "broken off".
Yo' CJ just put 1 large on that Kit-kat's head. He 'bout to be sleepin' with the fishes.
by Brown Magic April 09, 2007

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