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(Okay... It's time to define this word once and for all! This not being done in a racist way at all.)

(n): Any indivdual, regarless of race, religion, sex, or national origin who does any combination of the following: joins or forms a gang, Listens to nothing but "Ganster rap" and tries to push it on those who don't like it, calls everyone a racist who doesn't like everything they do, relishes crime in any form, hates law-abiding citzens, deals and or uses drugs, willingly does not speak or write proper English, is always looking for a fight, and/or thinks the world revolves around them.
Nigger: *holds up a probably stolen .380 sideways* Yo, bitch! Gimme yo fuckkin' money! I ain't playing wit you. I'll git my gangta posse and we pop caps yo bitch ass!

Regualr person: You know, an education is worth more than money or gold... Gangs are stupid and pointless. Drugs make you stupid. Guns belong in a shooting range or in a case at home, not on the streets unless your job lets you use one. Why do niggers exist? Can't everyone just get along and make the most out their lives?
by Brother doggie January 16, 2008

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