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Hitching a ride with a buddy (because you got a busted-ass Volkswagen) to a part-time job at a gun store (making barely over minimum wage) and then blowing your paycheck on a XD40 (that you put in layaway 'cause you can't afford it) and bullets (for an AR-15 you don't own) when you got a new baby (that you don't and can't support) with an ex-girlfriend who lives with her folks ('cause your house was forclosed on) that you can't even call since your phone has been shut off for three months.
Hey yo! What's up with all Alex's new shit?!?

Yeah, he just got paid and was all nigger rich for a couple hours. Now he'll be bummin' gas money and eatin' all my food for the next two weeks. What a worthless fuck!
by Brother Bill October 28, 2012

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