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when a guy is fucking a girl from behind and his orgasm is so powerful that his semen launches her into space.
Dude #1: "Hey, whatever happened to that chick? I haven't seen her around lately..."

Dude #2: "Yea man, I gave her the man fluid rocket, she's prolly around the asteroid belt right now."

Dude #1: "Nice."
by Brooks Brothers January 30, 2007
A very complex machine utilizing a combination of torsional motion and varying stresses and strains, implemented by a complex system of pulleys and hydraulic levers. The system, operating at an astronomical 72% efficiency, is perfect for thermodynamic calculations, maximizing the output of the internal combustion engine, cooking eggs, and jerking off chodes.
Dude1) "Did you finish calibrating the hydrolic pressure meter on the jerkoff-mobile?"

Dude2) "No, but I busted a giant load..."
by Brooks Brothers January 30, 2007

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