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A show that shows on Channel 11 from 9:00 to 11:00. This show is mostly about people trying to find they're baby's daddy. Most of the time, these are Black people or very obese white people. If they aren't busy harrasing people about their whoreness and taking lie detector tests, they:
-Dress men and women in lingerie and make the audience guess if they're men or women.
-Take a look at out of control teenager whores and send them to jail for a day where they break down and cry liek some pansy bitches.
-Make people confess secrets to their famiy members (i.e.: I burned down your house when I was 5 years old,I had sex with your boyfriend and I think (insert baby's name here) may be his,I am a prostitute and I am 10 weeks pregnant.).

It's a pretty enjoyable show.
Shaquaidah: Hey Misha, you ain't got no school today, whatchu gonna do?
Misha: I mite watch Maury and then go out and get some Chinese Food.
by Brooklyn We Go Hard We GO HArd February 18, 2009

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