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Etymology: Glanis originates from the stem "is" which is actually "aiz" meaning sprinkling (or something near). The root word "Glanis" originates from a misnomer created by a young tweenage girl when referring to a young adult man.
Defination: Glanis is usually used to mock the etymology of the word.
"Have you seen my Glanis?" - Naturaleza Khaki 1991-present
by Brooklyn To Queens October 14, 2006
Dirt or trash. Chichi has been modified in a more vulgar form meaning feces.
Etymology: Chichi is a South Asian word used when adults talk to toddlers.
"Kid, you have chici on your face" (Original defination)
"Yo, I got to chichi" (Crude/vulgar form)
by Brooklyn To Queens October 14, 2006

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