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A man who has bromances with many other guys. He may aLso have broes (man hoe) who are paid by other men to have bromances with. EquivaLent to a pimp, except with straight men.
"Johnny, go taLk to one of those broes."
"No dude. Their bromander in chief is Ron!!! Ron tried to recruit me as a broe, but i wouLdn't go, so now Ron hates me!"
by Bromander in Chief December 05, 2009
A hoe, except it is a straight guy who gets paid by other straight guy to have a bromance. A broe is own by a Bromander in Chief (pimp for broes).
"Dude, I'm having troubLe finding a hoe that wiLL have sex with me, I think im gonna have to go after a broe."
by Bromander in Chief December 05, 2009

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