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The Act of slapping somone on top of the head and then preceeding to stick your dick in thier mouth.
by Brit Caquad February 15, 2009
A Sexual Move requiring the use of a Pocketed shirt and a lactating woman. The Man will defecate on the woman's head and sit atop her using his erection to form a cowboy hat or in this case a "Cow-hat." The woman will squirt breast milk into the air trying to catch it in the pocketed shirt. While these may seem as a sexual race it should turn on the familiar guests to scat and other bodiliy fluid porography.
by Brit Caquad February 15, 2009
As the woman leans forward into her genital area, the man attempts to insert his testicles inside of her asshole. While balls are inserted the woman attempts to give head. Upon climax the man removes his balls in a speedy fashion giving the woman a strike upside the chin, hopefully causing temporary unconsciousness or a short coma state.
"I am going to perform the Tuscan Wet Nap on this monkey tonight so don't wait up."
by Brit Caquad February 22, 2009

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