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Queef - Someone who is totally uncool, often fat, nerdy, and enjoys getting off over cool and good looking people in private, like the playas.
Millz - "Man that Adam Forster kid, he's such a god damn Queef, i think he bats for the other team"

Stu - "Yeh i think so too, what a fucking Queef!"

Kerry - "If i had my 3 iron on me right now, i would swing for that Queef's ass so bad he would'nt know what day it was ya hear me?!!"

Benji - "Hahahaha look at that Queef at the front of the bus, he can't fit his fat ass into the seat!!"
#queef #playa #adam forster #gay #forskin
by BrislingtonsFinest October 11, 2007
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