1 definition by Bringer of the Truth 2011

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A grossly untalented girl who never has done anything for herself.
A girl who will sleep with anyone and anything she can in a lame attempt to turn her "Daddy bought career" into a real legitimate career.
A selfish stuck up snobby bitch.
A girl with a voice equivalent to a squirrel in a blender.
A girl who has other write her songs while claiming she is a song writer.
A girl who uses Daddy's money to buy a so-called life.
A girl who is best described as an "Ugly Skank"
Damn, I've seen some ugly untalented girls before but fuck, that bitch is a Ballestrini.
#ballestrini #skank #ho #hoe #untalented #fake #ugly #screechy voice #tacky.
by Bringer of the Truth 2011 March 04, 2011
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