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Rollins: One of the most absurd colleges in the country where the most elite kids in the country recieve an excellent education while living at a country club. Playboy recognized Rollins as the 3rd best party school in the country due to the extremely hot girls that constantly chill by the pool. In addition, many believe that students who go to Rollins will not be prepared for the real world because of the relaxed lifestyle, but in reality around 60 of the Fortune 1000 richest people went to Rollins.

student 1: hey what do you want to do today?

student 2: um i dunno, maybe go to a sick phi delt day party, go to dinner on park ave., then go downtown

student 1: yeah that sounds good. we can take my beamer to the party.

student 2: okay, let me grab my black card and we're good to go brah.

student 1: god im so glad i go to rollins
rollins college
by Bridget Murray October 15, 2010

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