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Lint licking refers to the lint left behind by cotton panties on the target of the lint licker.

Sometimes refers to juvenile experimental lesbian activities, no longer practiced as an adult.
Judy publicly calling Sarah a "lint licker" was an embarrassing reminder of vigorous junior high experiments in lesbianism. As a church going wife and pillar of the community, those incidents simply were not to be mentioned as ever having happened...even if she had been rather forceful in her youthful attentions way back then. It wasn't as Judy hadn't ended up enjoying so much as to become a pest when Sarah had moved on to other more voluptuous targets.
by Bridget Bardot February 09, 2010
Same as carpet muncher. Except with a more secretive juvenile or religious conservative target flavor.

Generally it implies targets are not sophisticated and the relationship secret, because it refers to the lint left behind by cotton panties on the target of the lint licker.

Occasionally it refers to someone not quite up to the actual deed but OCD excited by licking the panties while being worn by someone. Usually Fatal Attraction headcases.
In junior high gym class she became a lint licker in heaven. All those cotton panties and later exposure.

I am calling the police, you dirty old lint licker, child molester!

I am sorry madam but the school can not interfere or take notice of the private activities of an "innocent" pair of young lint lickers. Its just not PC. As long as they stay at the back of the class while indulging its their business and whomever cannot refrain from watching.
by Bridget Bardot February 09, 2010

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