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A blow job between two straight friends because one has blue balls and the other is just a real pal and helps him out.
Man, I haven't been laid in weeks, Timmy did give me a bro job last night to help me out though.
by Brick Riggid November 04, 2009
1. A vagina or pussy

2. A derogatory term for a female
1. She stuffed a flask in her kwince and smuggled it into the school dance.

2. I told that kwince not to sass me.
by Brick Riggid October 27, 2009
After eating out a woman's vagina the eater has some of her pubes stuck to their upper lip.
Linda Evans: "Ohh baby that felt sooo good!"

Tony Danza: "You're welcome."

Linda Evans: "Looks like you got yourself a muffstache though."
by Brick Riggid January 07, 2010
I love going to math class, my teachers got nice pastels.
by Brick Riggid November 08, 2009

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