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Relegion is many things:
-The cause of endless bloodshed, violence, hate, and discrimination.
-Science's arch-nemesis.
-An easy way to explain our existence without having to pass 8th grade.
-A emotional crutch so people can feel all warm and cozy inside.
Because of his relegion Andrew thinks that all non-beleivers are going to hell. What a freak.
by Brian the Definer November 14, 2006
A genre of music popular among white-trashy inbreeds. Just listening to it has been proven to lower your IQ. All the singers sound exactly the same, as if they were purposely trying to sound like hicks. Someone who listens to country music is usually from a rural, white, bigoted community.
"Earl couldn't get his GED, so he took his mobile to Nashville in hopes of becoming a country music star."
by Brian the Definer November 12, 2006
A popular country singer among trailer-trash women, who are on average more then double his weight. He's rumored to be gay and probably is.
Bertha and Betty-Joe-Bob love them some Kenny Chesney... and ranch flavored doritos.
by Brian the Definer November 15, 2006
A popular sport among many highschool and college lesbians.
"I didn't know Jenny was a dyke?"
"Yah, she plays field hockey"
by Brian the Definer November 12, 2006
Much like baseball only overhand pictching becomes underhand, and men become fat lesbians.
Amy meet Amanda playing softball and they have been dating eversince.
by Brian the Definer November 12, 2006

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