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A blended mixture of fruit, nuts, and bats. It is the only dish batman knows how to prepare.
Bruce invited me over for a dish of his homemade batmanicotti.
by Brian Vaughn September 26, 2007
To manage or influence skillfully, esp. in an unfair manner.
Bruce was a nice guy, but he would often batmanipulate me into doing what he wanted.
by Brian Vaughn September 26, 2007
Aspiring actress who goes to Hollywood in search of her dreams but finds only heartbreak. In a flurry of tears she takes off in an old worn-down car, never to be seen again.
I thought Susan had potential, but she turned out to be just another hollywood freeway chicken.
by Brian Vaughn November 03, 2009
1. When batman tells you to do something.
2. A romantic period of time spent with batman.
My girlfriend canceled our plans because she had a batmandate.
by Brian Vaughn September 26, 2007
The act of pooping one's pants (sometimes, but not always, accidentally).
I think it's time to change the little one's diaper. Smells like there's been a chocolate occasion.
by Brian Vaughn November 17, 2009
To be made fat without consent or by accident.
Watch what you eat or you may get fatassinated.
by Brian Vaughn September 26, 2007

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