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Seattle is probably the most beautiful and picturesque city in the Northwest.

Known for the Space Needle, the coffee, the boating, Microsoft, hilly-terrain, and it's alternative/grunge rock bands, Seattle is a great place to live and visit.

Unlike Tacoma, Spokane and Portland, Seattle has a definite and distinct personality.
There are many activities and places to explore in Seattle, and it has a great music scene.

As far as cities go, Seattle is unusually clean, despite the homeless population. Crime is relatively low, and for the most part, it's completely safe.

Did I mention Seattle has the most beautiful night-skyline in the country?

If you're in Western Washington, come visit Seattle.
Ignorant Peon: Seattle is just a haven for rain, coffee drinking pseudo-intellectuals, and liberals.

Me: You're right, but it's more beautiful than your city!

Ignorant Peon: Damn. You're right. I'm sick of being wrong all the time. I wish I was as cool as you.

The best time to visit Seattle is June-August. The weather is nice, people are out and about, and the city is flourishing with fun stuff to do.
by Brian T [Bloghogger] July 11, 2006

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