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A person who has an exceptionally large head and is overly confident in everything he says and does. Tries to lift heavily and takes creatine pills excessively. If no creatine is available, some lunch meat will do. Struggles at sliding across the hood of cars.
Friend 1: Is that a lunar eclipse?
Friend 2: No, that Bri-fag just moved in front of the sun.
by Brian Padron December 07, 2010
A popular dance that originated in the early 2010s, the B-Fag is performed by repeatedly pumping one's fist (or fists) to the beat of the music. It can be conducted to many different kinds of music, including hip-hop, rap, techno or anything with lots of bass. Is most effective when combined with music that only women listen to.
Look at that guy doing the B-Fag in the corner. He must be gay.
by Brian Padron December 07, 2010
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