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A Flordia coastline is when someone uses a bathroom and before taking a dump stuffs the toilet with toiletpaper, takes a dump leaving it resting ontop of the paper creating a horrible odor, duplicating a refugee on a raft. Tan, floating and smelly
Joe: oh my god what is that smell in the office! Jimbo: ha ha ha I left a Floridia coastline in the bathroom. Joe: That was a good one!
#florida #toilet #smelly #horror #airfreshener
by Brian Mars December 15, 2008
The fence is that little piece of skin that separates the the playground ( her vagina) from the dump (her anus)
I didn't know where to stick it so I rested it on the fence.
#clit #anus #doggiestyle #vagina #sex
by Brian Mars November 27, 2008
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