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refers to an area occupied by the maximum number of guys allowed by which adding one more would make it very gay/ uncomfortable and wrong
{setting}- 2 friends are chillen on a couch that is clearly made for no more than two people when another guy walks up
Guy: Hey fellas!... got room for one more?
2 friends: Nah dude we've reached hetero capacity
by Brian Dickson May 27, 2007
Refers to the dankest badonk you have ever encountered

It is most commonly used with apple bottom jeans
Bro 1: Dude look at that ass she's got the finest badonkadonk
Bro 2 That's no badonkadonk... that's a badonkadank
by Brian Dickson February 12, 2008
any girls that smoke a lot of pot and are total bitchescunt,blunt
Dude1- What a bunch of whores.
Dude2- Yeah man there just cunts with blunts.
by Brian Dickson April 28, 2007
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