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2 definitions by Brian Calvert

Calvertism is the belief in mixing foods.
I walked into the room and saw Brian preaching about the art of Calvertism in the Cafeteria.
by Brian Calvert October 14, 2005
Junata is the hardest/ best rapper coming out of cortland,Oh. He got dope rymes to mix it up with his sick flow. Hes produced by lil Bs. Some of junatas songs are: as i rise, do not copy, c-town anthem and foul words. Cat is 16 years old, look for big things coming from him.
Junata is my boy from back in ctown.
One of his rymes: You can suck a dic* and turn it off, turn it off as were drinkin Smirnoff.
by Brian Calvert October 17, 2005