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when you get so pissed that saying something's rediculous, or evenregoddamndiculous isn't strong enough
legalize gay marriage? that's refuckinggoddamndiculous!
by brian b March 27, 2004
"Holy Christmas Grenade" is used when you see a very beautiful girl nude, it's also used when you see a girl you really like.

The word was created sometime after the year 2000, unknown who made it, it's just rapidly became a common expression.It means "Beautiful suprise present" Holy=Beautiful Suprise=Grenade and present=Christmas, as these words are somewhat associated with eachother.

It's most often used by guys, but the girls are starting to catch on too.
1)A beautiful girl walks into your room, wearing a bathrobe, nothing underneath.She opens the robe.

The Guy:"HCG" or "Holy christmas grenade"

2)A girl you like walks past you

The Guy:"HCG" or "Holy christmas grenade"

3)If you're talking to some friends about a girl that flashed you:

Friend #1:Did anything happen?

You:She HCG'd me

Friend #2:No way...
by Brian B January 10, 2005
Basically a Mosin-Nagant equipped with a sniper scope. A favorite among the elite snipers, as it bring new meaning to the one shot kill*
*As it is a bolt action rifle (reloaded manually) it takes time to reload, ergo little time for a second shot. Meaning that the target must be taken down with one hit, or you're cover is blown. (while you normally would just fire twice)
by Brian B January 10, 2005

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