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A sex act where the male's urethral opening is placed against a female's nostril at the moment of orgasm. A nice glans to nostril seal is key to the success of the cumjunction. After orgasm, if semen manages to come out of the opposite nostril, the male is obligated to let out a resounding battle cry of "What's your function, bitch!"
B: "I'm going to give you the cumjunction, just like on our honeymoon."
B: "What's your function, bitch!"
S: *nose blowing*
by Brettholomew March 19, 2009
Sticky, dirt and syrup based whiskers resulting from the finale of the Canadian Dumbo Drop.
The cherry on the top of 'sexy cat' Halloween costumes is sticky whiskers.
by Brettholomew March 19, 2009

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