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While the dude is lying on his back holding his ankles in the air, a female tongue punches his leather cheerio while he reaches climax solo cranking it. After his demon seed is released the female then tries to steal it to inseminate herself to ensure a life of prosperous sugar daddies.
Brian was getting the duder when kayla saw her oppourtinty to capitalize on an easy future.
by brett May 28, 2016
to have your opponent tire themselves out overtime.
it is also something you may scream at cars while you are racing them on sunset blvd.
ohhh ROPEADOPE, motherfucka!
by Brett December 08, 2004
a member of JTF-2 who uses special sounds in CS to gain an advantage.

Alternate meanings : Means To be hacked, gayed, scrubbed, or special sounded
esm got rambuckled in the SEASON 5 CAL-IM PLAYOFFS
by Brett July 07, 2003
sit on a toilet. Shit on a napkin.
He pooped on a napkin and told me it's fudge.
by Brett January 29, 2005
Someone who rubs there pelvis up against something too much
He received a pelvic smear from rubbing his pelvis against the wall!
by Brett January 28, 2005
One who is in harmony with popular culture; trend setter, popular amongst peers, a true Rico Suave
"Check out that Indie Biz Mo's blazer!"
by Brett December 03, 2004
Classification for Gaga's.
(1)That one chick in my history class... what a Dru C.
(2)Dru C is taking over...
by Brett September 27, 2004
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