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A baby that is real only on paper for tax benefit or tax evasion purposes. A method of receiving a child tax credit.

"I went down to the hospital, talked to the nurse I know and she made a paper baby for me".
by Brent Danz February 02, 2006
Skillbilly -- Born as a hillbilly, a skillbilly rises up from the ashes of poverty to become successful and even famous individual.

It can be used as a compliment:
"Wow Judd you done a real good job slaughtering them pigs, you're a real
skillbilly "

It can also be used in a derogitory or sarcastic fasion.
"He's a real skillbilly ".

Famous Skillbillies Include:
Bubba Sparxxx (Rapper)
Jeff Foxworthy (Comedian)
Jed Clampett (Fictitious Oil Mogul)
Joe Dirt (Fictitious Movie Character)
"You're a real SkillBilly "
by Brent Danz December 15, 2005

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