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A slimy woman who likes to pretend she's a psychiatrist. She also insults people and is a misandrist, Laura also has extreme views about homosexuality. Has a former feminist, she is bound to hate men and has a book called: The proper care and feeding of husbands, which sounds like she's refering to husbands has animals. Some of her outlandish and abusurd opinions include: Teenage girls who wear croptops and other revealing outfits are "sluts",
Abortion constitutes murder, and should be performed only when the mother's life is in danger & Couples who lived together before marrying are more likely to divorce. She also claims to have morals. In the cartoon Queer Duck, she is portrayed as a raging homophobe. A beast she maybe, her show is strangly addicting to some.
An Example Would Be A Person Who Believes What Ever They Say Is Right, And Everything Else Can Burn In Hell. Dr. Laura Schlessinger fits that example perfectly.
by Brent "Skips" August 25, 2006

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