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A word, or sequence of words which define Endorphous’s world. These words are multiplying in number by the day, hailing a new era and style of keeping the legend of Endorphous going.
For excellent award winning examples of Endorfinitions see:

Steam Dream Beam Cream
Ducks and Sings
No Nosed Meeting
by Brendorphous October 07, 2010
This word is used to describe enormous versions of Endorphous when he is spotted in public.
Cwips: Enormous Sheun!

Enormous Sheun: n.....What was dat!?
by Brendorphous October 06, 2010
A meeting that is of extreme importance and solemnity. So solemn and business like is this meeting that it is required that you remove you nose before the minutes are taken.
Endorphous quickly removed his nose before he entered the No Nosed Meeting. Failure to remove ones nose in front of the very important business men would result in losing face.
by Brendorphous September 27, 2010
A hook upon which crispy, shiny de-feathered ducks are hung upon. There is usually an assortment of tapesty things underneath the dooks.
Proud Chef placed the last de-feathered beast upon his shiny dook. The ultra clear glass of the duckdow reflected the luminous orange glow of the crispy ducks that only yesterday were swimming in a pond.
by Brendorphous October 05, 2010
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