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2 definitions by Brendon Vox

to quote oneself ad nauseum, i.e. drafting up a complete speech on an internet blog and subsequently reciting it (often verbatim) to people who would have read the blog if they were so inclined. people who tend to kazoo are often grossly egotistical, and treat their lives like the overly rehearsed and performed routine of a waning stand up comedian. their delivery of the speech (which they have committed to memory or written down) is often bland and monotonous, suggesting perhaps that the kazooer himself has become bored of the subject matter, but lacks anything genuinely interesting with which to make conversation.
comedian: so what's the deal with hair metal?
audience: you went off on this tangent at your last show.
comedian: bitches, y'all got kazooed!
by Brendon Vox December 14, 2005
to kazoo is to attempt to have exactly the same conversation with multiple people, often simultaneously. this can easily be done using cut and paste in an instant messenger program, but can also be done verbally. although the conversations are initiated identically, they have the potential to vary tremendously and follow completely different directions.
Scott: look what Chris just said: "i am an angiosperm"
Brendan: omg, he said exactly the same thing to me!
Scott: we have been kazooed!
by Brendon Vox December 14, 2005