11 definitions by Brendan aka Benj

Either extremely faded or ugly and retarded
"wow look at kenny try to get on those hurt ass bitches, what a fool"
by Brendan aka Benj March 05, 2006
Do you know what I mean? Only use if youre a bay area cat.
Ay! lets roll up this blunt, yadidishmean?
by Brendan aka Benj November 20, 2005
pimp is the hottest new word out there, yo. It has now developed into a noun, verb and adjective. It is also very common in the rap and hip hop world of music.

n.- Someone who rents out prostitutes, someone with a lot of girls.

v.- To rent out a prostitute, to gain a new girlfriend

adj.- attractive, popular with women
n.- Look at John over there with all those chicks. Hes such a pimp.

v.- Look at John pimping those chicks over there.

adj.- John, you are so pimp, I wish i could get girls like you can
by Brendan aka Benj June 05, 2004
n.- The act of a man having anal sex with a woman until she bleeds, then wiping peanutbutter on the but before continuing the sexual act.
I gave my girlfriend a peanutbutter and jelly last night.
by Brendan aka Benj June 05, 2004
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