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One of, if not the, greatest virtual community on which to play free-of-charge. You talk to the neoboards, collect avatars, collect items and neopoints, paint and feed and battle with your pets, give them petpets and petpetpets, give them a house, etc etc. Many people have grown to become irate at the fact that neopets has a lot of real merchandise now, and that neopets has created a restocking system styled so that items that should be of high value stay as such. These people feel negative in this way because they lack monetary supplement, both in the real world and the neopian one, because they frankly suck. They claim merchandise is simply a marketing ploy for neopets' creators to make money. And perhaps this is true. However, things must be taken into consideration. The creators are people - it would be a good idea that they eat, so we can continue to have such a wonderful and free website with creators that have not wasted away to bones. Secondly, TNT (the neopets team) is now a good deal many more people than just donna and adam. There are many employees to pay. Neopets doesn't exactly run the site off of home computers either. Office space, servers, they are all expensive! For those who don't know, looking up expensive, money, and np might be a good thing, since so many people know nothing of the three. Adam and Donna do need to make a living! They have no other job because they love neopets. Sometimes people DO get iced or frozen. However, this is because usually people use abers and cheat programs. It is sometimes not the case - but there IS no perfect system ..
All-in-all, neopets is a fun, family site. Perhaps a little too much reference to asparagus, but people of all ages come and play in their spare time. There are indeed ways to get rich, contrary to popular belief. Some people just don't like that it is hard, and takes effort. It is sort of pointless, being unrelated to the real world, but it's extremely fun to do.
Neopets is such a fun free virtual site, isn't it!
by Brendan Wynn December 28, 2004

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