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1 definition by Bree Allison Karissa

Since men have terms such as spiderman, bloody snowball, and superman, we women decided that we need a sexual move of our own. An "Oh My Goodness" is while having sex in the missionary position, right before the male orgasms, the female punches the man in the face and yells "OH MY GOODNESS" one must make sure that the "OH MY GOODNESS" is yelled in a high pitch scream. Hey if they can cum on our back and then punch us in the head, why the heck cant we punch them in the face before they cum?
I decided to hook up with my ex boyfriend and to use this move. My ex boyfriend always makes a crazy face before he cums. I knew this so I wanted us to have sex in the missionary position. Right as he was making the face, I punched him in the nose and yelled "OH MY GOODNESS!"
by Bree Allison Karissa January 07, 2008