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Obscure genre of music even to the underground music scene so much it is known as the music and culture of the underworld, it's combining of the two extreme cultures and music have cause controversy with rap fans and metal fans although many metal bands today use the concept of combining the musical styles.

This genre of music emerged in the early 90's a style that originated in Oakland, California USA by an underground pioneer named Omardoe. Many writers have confused the listening audience by suggesting that the music attracts a certain race of people, this is rejected by people of the underworld culture who know the music to be a force uniting all subcultures and see race issues as a promoted illness of bigotry.

There are several bands from the early 90's that writers describe as Gangsta Metal but these bands themselves did not describe the music as such. For years Gangsta Metal was a concept of uniting culture and music with parties that played both metal and Gangsta music, and street people who were outcast by both worlds getting together on the streets exchanging sub-cultures. This is known as the underworld the outcast of the underground.

In the year 2000 Omardoe formed a band called Debtera which is known as the first band to represent the music of the underworld; Gangsta Metal as a genre a sound and culture, blending the music and the culture without the pimps and hoes, degradation of women and without racism of any kind.
The Gangsta Metal bands (the real Gangsta MEtal) of today are:
Dread of Auxum
by Breathe Blood July 25, 2006

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