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2 definitions by BrazaaaBoy~~!@

When you're surfing on inappropriate sites on the web, and automatically you turn on Security- Quick Exit. In any case somebody comes into the room you quickly shut the web page, avoiding sight.
(Mom comes into the room, and Billy watching porn)
(quickly exits the website)

- Dinner's almost ready Billy!

- Uhmm.. Ah, uhm, ok mom I'll be right there!

*Thinking (Phewww.. Thanks Gosh I was on Security- Quick Exit mode!)
by BrazaaaBoy~~!@ April 10, 2010
Opposed to midnight snacks, late-night snacks are the snacks one eats after getting home from partying all night.
"dude I'm so f**** wasted right now, but also so damn hungry, I just wanna get home and eat that late-night snack!"
by BrazaaaBoy~~!@ April 17, 2010