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Describing someone who readily engages in anal-receptive sex. Usually a gay man, but also can be a girl that likes it in the stink. Comes from the fact that most car's exhausts are located in the rear, and the anus is in the same relative place on a human.
The odds are 1 in 146,107,942 that you'll find a priest that doesn't take it up the tailpipe.
When defecating, the biggest, most awesomely large dump that you haven't had in a good long time. Usually arises from not crapping for more than 48 hours or when coming off of constipation. Called so because the waste is so big, it's like a nuclear submarine trying to leave the bowels, which is a very large submarine. An atomic dump.
Today I went over Memere's house and launched a nuclear submarine.

Try as he might, the nuclear submarine deep in Gorby's colon wouldn't come free, until he had some Taco Bell and it was launched in the public restroom.
Another classic sentence of doom. Said by your parents/teachers/boss when they notice your stash or discover something out of place that could get you punished.
"I've been finding my VCR was being played with. It's not yours, so don't touch it!" "I've been finding brown underwear in my laundry! You're 24 and you still crap your pants??"
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 13, 2007
Another one of the sentences of doom. Usually said by your boss after you swiped too many xerox copies or pens from the office, or by your parents when your report card/behavior is not up to snuff.
"Lately you have been throwing pencils in the asbestos ceiling tiles at school. The police are going to investigate this as a death threat. We need to talk!"
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 13, 2007
1. When talking about machines, the way it dies/becomes permanently unusable/gets bricked/gets broken.
2. Refers to the method by which anything/anyone with a fixed life span meets their doom.
1. An overclocked CPU's mode of failure is usually overheating.
1. If the blown engine's mode of failure is a cracked connecting rod, you should modify the connecting rod to make it stronger.
2. Instead of being stabbed with a spear, a common mode of failure for Presidents of the US who die in office is being shot with a firearm.
2. "In the 1st Millennium, a common mode of failure for Popes was martyrdom."
by Braveheart's thirst for blood August 20, 2006
A pair of trousers that looks, from a distance, like a dress. Usually worn by women aren't proud to be female, yet are deluded into thinking they are doing their part to look girly. Very unoriginal.
Uther:"What a beautiful dress you have on!"
Igraine:"Those are pants."
Uther:"Ho-hum, another unoriginal tomboy wearing the typical fake dress."
by Braveheart's thirst for blood August 20, 2006
(From the nuclear power industry's false promise about electricity being so cheap as not being able to charge for it)

1. In a fantasy or western-european-Pagan setting, sorcerous things that use so little mana as to be insignificant and not get you persecuted if you use them. Dancing naked in the forest when no one's looking and no camera is rolling is witchcraft that's too cheap to meter.

2. In a broader sense, a deed in a gray area (of society) that's so small as to not even be noticed.
1. When Gandalf blew a ship made of smoke through a smoke ring it was a form of witchcraft that's too cheap to meter.
1. At 10:45 AM I took off all my clothes and went into the woods and did a thankful little jig when it didn't snow. I'm Christian, but it was witchcraft that's too cheap to meter.

2. Gina:"Are you downloading MP3 files again?"
Sean:"Yeah, don't worry, it's witchcraft that's too cheap to meter. You won't get caught."
2. In 1996 I took some toilet paper and stuffed it into the bathroom exhaust fan at my grandmother's house, she didn't mind because it was similar to witchcraft that was too cheap to meter.
by Braveheart's thirst for blood March 21, 2007

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