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When at a bar, a high quality tequila is used, along with the other elements of a snakebite. However, the salt is snorted, the lemon is squeezed into the drinking customer's eye, willingly, by himself, and the tequila is shot. A new variation on an old favorite. This was witnessed at the The Brass Rail bar in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And the existance of such a maneuver was verfied by the sober, non-drinking bartender. The now-sober owner, verified.
The Mexican Stuntman occured when the co-owner of the bar took a snort of salt, a squeeze of lemon in his eye, on purpose, and took a shot of fine tequila. It was witnessed by the co-owner of the bar and the sober bartender. The date was November 15, 2010. Until this moment, it had only been discussed in legend in bars everywhere. Mexicans everywhere have not been this proud since the Alamo.
by Brass Rail Blogger November 17, 2010

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