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(noun):To open-handedly slap another, due to bitch qualities or tendencies. Powder is sometimes used in this brutal action of supremacy to further strengthen the slapping motion and to provide a distintive white smear across the victim's face. If used correctly, the bitch slap should instill upon the victim a state of fear and cause laughter among those around you.
When Billy ran home, he cried in his dad's lap and told the story of how his bike was stolen.
"It's ok, son", his dad said. "Looks like he gave you a black eye, too."
"Not HE, dad", Billy said. "It was Ashley Jones, the girl from Ashbury Street".
"WHAT??!!", his dad said. You let a little girl take your bike and beat you up??!!"
Faster than lightning, Billy's dad pulled a big box of baking soda from under the chair and gave Billy a bitch slap so hard, he flew right out the door.
by Brandon a.k.a Ice Kold January 07, 2006

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