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A colloquial variation on the word nunchucks which was popularized by the 2004 cult classic, Napoleon Dynamite.
I've got awesome numbchuck skills.
by Brandon Eldridge February 10, 2005
Sixth gear is a state of mind when there are no worries, no problems and no concerns. The phrase has been made popular by Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett.
I can't wait til this summer when I'm gonna head down to Cozumel, throw it into sixth gear, and let it ride.
by Brandon Eldridge December 07, 2005
Rawnamugg is another term for being ridiculously drunk. It's in fact very close to the point of blackout but still coherent enough to eat 12 tacos.
I can't wait til Friday night. I'm gonna get rawnamugg and try and score some pussy.
by Brandon Eldridge January 11, 2005
Another shortened word for vodka
Let's go to the store and get some vods.
by Brandon Eldridge December 19, 2004
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